Advance your career

Advance your career
with a BPM certification

An OMG Certified Expert in Business Process Management 2 (OCEB 2™) certification adds value across all stages of your Business Process Management (BPM) career path. It is valuable for job seeking, new and advanced skill building along with upward career growth. Whether you are starting out in (BPM), or you are a senior Business Analyst with years of business process redesign experience, the OCEB 2 certification will confirm your BPM knowledge and skills.

Learn fundamental BPM topics

Learn both business and technical fundamental BPM topics

The OCEB 2 course not only covers the technical aspects of business process modeling, but will also teach you the fundamentals of business; enterprise architecture, business practices used within organizations and plenty more.

Prepare exam

Fully prepares you for the fundamental exam

You can read through the extensive reference list of material or simply review our succinct and concise eLearning OCEB 2 course. As a content contributor to the OMG Certified Expert in Business Process Management 2(OCEB 2™) program, we can guarantee that our material fully prepares you for the fundamental exam.


Provides the breadth of knowledge covered in intermediate and advanced exams

The eLearning OCEB 2 course covers all the exam material (fundamental, business intermediate, technical intermediate, business advanced and technical advanced). Naturally to complete the higher level exams (intermediate/advanced) you will have to be functional at using all required standards such as BPMN, BMM, DMN etc. which of course is beyond what we can do in an eLearning course). In summary the modules cover the breadth, you have to ensure the depth of the knowledge.

Object Management Group

As a content developer to the OMG Certified Expert in Business Process Management (OCEB 2™) program, Trisotech plays an active role in shaping the future of Business Process Management (BPM). Being an official developer to the OCEB™ program, Trisotech has helped with the elaboration of the OCEB program and with the redaction of the updated OCEB 2™ (BPM2) certification. We have worked closely with the OMG Group to develop a complete and the most concise OCEB 2™ training bundle available, which encompasses the Fundamental, Intermediate and Advanced levels.

method and Style

Trisotech have also partnered with Bruce Silver to offer Method and Style training for Process Modeling (BPMN) and Decision Management (DMN). These acclaimed and recognized methodologies focus on the best practices to build models that are easy to communicate and understand.

Members from these organizations used our Trisotech Training to prepare for the OCEB certification.