Aligned to OMG Coverage Tables and Study Material

The OCEB 2 course has been crafted by OCEB professionals that have passed their OCEB certification. In addition, we are partnered with OMG and are a frequent contributor to the OMG standards. Therefore, you can be sure when you purchase our course that you’re learning exactly what OMG requires for their certification.

Access the training from your web browser

There are no books or special software that you need to install. The OCEB 2 course is 100% delivered and can be taken through almost any web browser or mobile device. You can learn while you’re travelling or while you sit in your backyard relaxing. Wherever you might be, you can always learn the fundamentals of BPM.

Learn at your own pace: play, pause, and rewind

There is no set time limits to learn each module, you can pause or rewind at any time. Got an important meeting that is about to start? No problem, just pause it and it’ll be waiting for you in the spot you left off. Got distracted and missed a small portion? Easily rewind to any spot, or go back to any module you’ve already learned to review specifics.

Replay each module as many times as you need

There is no limit how many times you can view a specific module or how many times you can take a quiz from each module. Every module can be replayed as many times as you need to ensure you’ve learned everything covered.

Validate your understanding with short quizzes

At the end of every module there is a small quiz to test your knowledge that you’ve learn from the module, ensuring you are ready for the next topic and will be ready to learn the fundamentals of every topic along the way.

Available 24/7

Every module is available 24/7 – 365 days a year. You’ll always have access to all modules so you can easily go back and review any topic at any time.