OCEB 2 Course Questions

1. Can I get a FREE trial of the course?

Yes, you can sign up for a free trial to try out the Business Fundamentals module free for 30 days.

2. What is new in OCEB 2?

OCEB 2 is an industry standard, updated certification program for BPM business practitioners. OCEB 2 concentrates its coverage on BPMN 2 but also encompasses additional business specifications such as BPM and BPMN to bring the updated versions of the industry framework and regulations.

3. What does the course include?

Our OCEB 2 course has everything you need to learn in order to pass your OCEB 2 certification exam. As a contributing partner to OMG’s BPM standards, you can be sure that our material is current and relevant. For a condensed list of the material covered visit our OCEB 2 course details page.

4. How is the course presented?

Our training material is provided by an interactive presentation with voice overlay and a quiz at the end with questions similar to those you will encounter in the OCEB 2 tests.

5. Does the course track my progress?

Yes, every module is broken into sections and will track your progress along the way. When you come back to the module, you can start where you left off.

6. How long is the course?

Each module takes approximately between 20 to 45 minutes to complete and there are 26 modules in the OCEB101 bundle. Although it is recommended to go over the course material more than once for better results.

7. Can I purchase the topics individually?

The OCEB 2 course is a bundle, and cannot be purchased by the topic.

8. How do I know I am ready for the OCEB 2 exam?

This is entirely up to you, however we do offer 2 FREE OCEB 2 practice exams to help you gauge whether you’re ready for the exam.

9. Can you guarantee that I will pass the OCEB 2 exam?

This comes down to an individual effort. We can assure you as a contributing partner to the OMG standards and OCEB content that all material covered will prepare you for the OMG exam. We also offer 2 FREE OCEB 2 practice exams that will help you gauge whether you are ready for the exam.

10. What levels are covered?

The OCEB 2 course covers all fundamental, business intermediate, technical intermediate, business advanced and technical advanced topics. Naturally to do the higher level exams (intermediate/advanced) you will need to be functional at using all required standards such as BPMN, BMM, DMN, etc. Which of course is beyond what we can offer in an eLearning bundle.

11. Is the training offered in a language other than English?

The OCEB101 training is currently only offered in English.

12. Will it work on my tablet or mobile device?

Yes, we’ve designed our course to be mobile friendly and works on virtually any mobile device. We recommend using a tablet for optimal experience.

13. Does the course includes an OMG exam voucher?

No, this OCEB 2 course is a preparation to take the official OMG exam which OMG handles entirely themselves with specific testing centers and criterias. For more information about the OMG’s exam visit their OCEB 2 website.

Billing Questions

14. Can I pay for only 1 month?

We only offer yearly subscription at this time.

15. Are there any other payment options?

We highly prefer the credit card payment option. If for some reason paying with a credit card is not an option, we do accept bank transfer or a corporate check for your convenience; please contact us for details.

16. What happens after my 1 year subscription expires?

Nearing the end of your yearly subscription, you will receive an email letting you know that your subscription will be renewed automatically. You can choose to cancel the automatic renewal at any time via your Trisotech Account Management Panel, in which case you will have to renew your subscription manually in order to keep your access.